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As Anana made her way down the snowy fields with Adelram on her back and Omaw behind her, the handler is thinking about what Tynan had asked earlier. He is surprised he had agreed, and is wondering if it’s smart idea, or not. He sighs and shrug
“Well, can’t be any bad than those other tokotas I’ve had to handle….Besides, Tynan did say that I wouldn’t be alone as another handler will be tagging along. Wonder what they look like, or where they are…” He shrugs as Anana suddenly bark and he look up just as Omaw bolts past Anana and head for the tokota ahead. Adelram slowly introduce his hand to his face just as the female handler jumps off the tokota in time for the tundra piebald tokota to tackle the tawny piebald tokota. Anana quickly trots over and Adelram observe the female throughly chastise the piebalds for being playful before letting out a deep sigh and turn to him

“Huh...OH! Hello! You must be Adelram Tynan mentioned! I’m Iclyn! Nice to meet you! Oh, and the tawny piebald here is Wafi. That must be Anana you’re riding. She’s a beauty! Who’s this tokota here?” She inquires as Adelram stare at the large webbed ears of hers before blinking and responding

“Omawnakw. You can call him Omaw. I do too. Anyway, do you have any idea of prey we should go for? I’m flexible as long as we don’t do lynx”
“Actually I’ve been craving seals lately so let’s do seals!” she cheer out her reply as Adelram smiles in amusement at Iclyn’s eagerness for seal hunt as he nods. Iclyn turn to the two piebalds
“Gentlemen, untangle yourselves this instant, or I will send you two home with no hunting done” She orders as Omaw and Wafi promptly untangle themselves. She smile and praises
“Good boys! Wafi come here so I can get on your back, then off we go to hunt down seals!” as the petite teenager grabs Wafi’s mane fur and heists herself up with a grunt. She swings a leg over and wriggle around a bit to make herself comfortable on his back before giggling at Adelram’s expression of disbelief
“Yes I know I’m petite. Tynan offered to lend me Mielikki’s saddle that you gave her but I turned her down, citing that it’s better for me to just not have a saddle as it’s easier for me to jump off when needed to” she smile somewhat mysteriously as Wafi trot off to search for scents to seals with Adelram, Anana and Omaw following closely behind. After several minutes of searching, they come across a river and Iclyn notices that all three tokotas had perked their ears forward

“I think they heard something up ahead” She observe as she gently squeeze her legs onto Wafi’s sides to increase the speed and he does so with Anana and Omaw following closely behind.
“You are aware that we might have to dive into the water to chase after seals if we do encounter them?” Adelram inquires as Iclyn slowly look over her shoulder with a mysterious smile. Wafi barks,  and couple of barks could be heard. Omaw barks louder before the barking gets frenzied. Iclyn points ahead
“Look. A group of seals! Tynan mentioned that you’re a shapeshifter?” she inquires and smile brightly when she receive a nod “Excellent. Look like we’ll need to dive into the water and chase them. Get ready” she giggles as she nudge Wafi into a running start leaving a groaning Adelram behind with Anana and Omaw. Adelram slides off Anana and promptly shift into wolf-with-antlers form and gets into a running start with Anana and Omaw chasing after. As predicted, the seals promptly dives into the water. Adelram dives after and is surprised to see Iclyn’s legs fuse together, skin color change and quickly propels herself after a seal swimming away. Wafi is chasing after a large seal while Omaw goes after three seals. Anana tries to snap at nearest seal but fails. She continues trying but soon run out of air and has to surface and pull herself out of water. Adelram does not look happy as he is sitting on edge with Omaw flopped over on ground nearby. Wafi is happily crunching on something and Iclyn props herself on the ice and stare at Wafi

“....Are you eating fish? In middle of a seal hunt? Wafi!” she chastises as Wafi whines softly while lowering his head
“SHame on you!” She tsks at while looking at the others “No luck, huh? I saw the seals head off on ahead” she continues as she turn to point up ahead of the body of water “If we follow them, we’ll find more….That and there’s those patches of ice for you guys to run on. They’re all stable I promise” she smiles as Adelram stare at her
“....You are one interesting young lady.” He comments as he gets up and dust himself having shifted back to human form when she started speaking. He turns to approach Anana and pull himself onto her back with Omaw shaking the water out of his fur. Wafi had already began his running and….promptly crashed into the nearby ice plate…...Iclyn sighs when Wafi slips off. Adelram briefly stare before Anana jumps from the fields onto a plate. Omaw follows and manages to stay on another plate. Wafi manages to get himself onto the plate he fell off.  Iclyn just sighed before taking off with Adelram, Anana, Omaw and Wafi following on ice plates.

After several minutes of the tokotas and Adelram running across the ice plates and Iclyn swimming under; Iclyn suddenly pops her head above the water surface and shouting
“I see the seals up ahead!! If we continue, we can get them! The minute you see movement of the seals under water…..IMMEDIATELY DIVE!” she command before diving back under and swimming off.  Adelram blinks few times as Anana speeds after with Omaw and Wafi on her heels. Soon, the shadow of the mermaid vanishes and Wafi move to the right side with Omaw to the left. Adelram lift his legs and set them on the saddle for easy jumping if necessary. He keep his eyes on the water and watch for large dark shadows before he hears two identical splashes. Wafi and Omaw had spotted them!  He feels Anana lift herself into the air, and he promptly propells himself off to the side and into the water while shifting into his wolf form. Wafi is swimming furiously toward a smaller slow seal. Perhaps elderly? Omaw manages to get his jaws around a seal who’s trying to squirm its way out.Just up ahead is Anana...chasing after Iclyn? Adelram blinks and wonders why but it soon click when he sees a large pod of seals up ahead. He propells himself forward after Anana to assist Iclyn in catching some seals. Adelram sees Anana close her jaws around one just in time for a HUGE SPLASH to happen, and Adelram is pushed back as he tries to see who caused that before surfacing in irritation at air. He looks around and realizes...Wafi. He sighs and quickly runs across ice before diving in to close jaws around one. He noticed Iclyn had dragged a seal to surface in general direction of where Omaw is. Looks like she plans to have him kill it.

The shapeshifter drags the seal to the water surface and sinks his fangs into the neck as he gets onto the ice surface. He drage the dying seal across fields to Omaw, Iclyn, Anana and Wafi. He surveys the scene before letting go of the seal and shifting back to human.  
“Well, this look to be a successful hunt. We caught several seals, some large and some small” Iclyn compliments as she pulls her tail out of water and promptly transform back to her human form. The female pull herself to her feet and dust herself off before smiling cheerfully at the group/ Adelram snickers a bit as she shoot a sharp look at Wafi who looks like he had plans to eat one right then and there. Adelram walks to his two tokotas, and makes sure to pull the seals onto their backs as he observe Iclyn tie two seals to Wafi’s back.

“Well, it look like we’re done. Let’s get going before it get too dark” Adelram comments as he pulls himself onto Anana’s back. Iclyn nods as she pulls herself onto Waif’s back. The group proceed to walk off into the sunset.
Swimming with the Seals
For Ecanusiofiel as this is part of my HP debt.

Link to import sheet: Anana 9370
Link to (hunting/fishing/exploring) journal: Tracker
Items/Companions: N/A
Defects/Health Issues: N/A
7 (1438 WC) + 2 (handler) + 2 (hunting) = 11 HP

Link to import sheet: Omawnaku 10050
Link to (hunting/fishing/exploring) journal: Tracker
Items/Companions: Sturdy Bow, Flint Arrows, Hunter trait
Defects/Health Issues: N/A
7 (1438 WC) + 2 (handler) + 2 (hunting) = 11 HP

Link to import sheet: Wafi 10994
Link to (hunting/fishing/exploring) journal: Tracker
Items/Companions: N/A
Defects/Health Issues: N/A
7 (1438 WC) + 2 (handler) + 2 (hunting) + 1 (non-comm) = 12 HP
SEXY Valentine! by Lim-Kik
SEXY Valentine!
I'm SEXY! You're sexy too! Let's bed together!
For Chi-Bird of Aresius
1 HP since headshot



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